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We receive many unsolicited comments following completion of our work.  Here are some recent comments that were provided in notes that accompanied payment.

“Thank you for all of your work!  We will let you know if we want to do any more work” - Nelson and Erinn (we replaced an old fuse box with a new panelboard and mapped all the circuits in the house).

“We are very happy with he work you did for us as well as your overall professionalism. Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future” Bill and Phyllis (we installed four ceiling fans with light fixtures, provided some new wiring and switches, and corrected miscellaneous electrical problems in an older home).

“Thank you for your help and expertise” - Jim (we repaired an underground wire that had been cut by a mason).

“I can’t begin to tell you how FABULOUS you are and what a wonderful job you did in the kitchen.  You were a dream to work with.  I wish every professional I’ve worked with had your work ethic” - Edna (we provided wiring and lighting for a total kitchen remodel).

“Thank you again for keeping me lit up.  Hope you and your family have a good new year” - Helen (we replaced some relays in a low voltage system that control the lights in this home).

“Everything looks great and I think you did a great job. I will be happy to refer you to friends and use you in the future. I will let you know what I find out in regards to kitchen pendant” - Stephanie (we added a new ceiling outlet for a second dining room chandelier, installed several other lighting fixtures and under cabinet kitchen lighting, and repaired miscellaneous electrical problems.

“Thank you for taking care of that Fred. I have no idea how long those cubicles have been installed in that office space. I am glad you were able to identify the polarity issue and get it corrected” - Steve (we were called to a law office to troubleshoot a row of cubicles that were without power. After restoring power by repairing a bad connection, we found that the hot and neutral wires for an entire circuit were reversed).

”Thanks for all your work on this project.  More coming soon.” - Lee (we replaced two old panelboards and provided wiring for a basement remodeling project).

“Thanks for doing a great job on our carport/workshop.  Also, I really appreciate that you and Doug worked at the details on the remote exterior fixtures and the carport ceiling light coming on automatically at night.  It all works great!  Thanks also for fixing our front porch light fixture!  We’ll call you again when we need more electrical work done.  Have a great summer! - Linda (we did the electrical work for a detached carport and workshop).

“Thank you for all the work at my home.  I appreciated the care with which you did the work.  I will highly recommend you” - Judy (we made a number of electrical improvements including adding a main disconnect, driving a ground rod, and adding switches to make turning lights on an off more convenient).

“Thanks to you both!  We will be enjoying our new building now that we have power!  And (name omitted) won’t be fighting with me over who gets to dry their hair first.  The outlets in the sun room are great as well.” - Sandra (we provided power to a detached storage building, added a bathroom receptacle, and added outlets in a garage that had been converted into a sun room).

“Thank you so much.  You are so kind” - Helen (we were called late one evening and asked if we could help with a receptacle that was sparking when a cord was plugged in.  We came out that night and replaced the receptacle which had an internal short).

“We are thrilled with your electrical work and will definitely call you again.  If you ever need a referral, give our names and number.  Thanks also for being so neat.” - Debra (we installed several lighting fixtures in the kitchen and made several other electrical repairs and improvements).

“We just wanted to thank you and your partner so much for fixing our electrical problems.  You both worked so hard to make sure we were going to be safe.  Words can’t express our gratitude.  We hope you both have a wonderful holiday season with your family” - Lynn and Roberto (we provided several new circuits in an old house to prevent repeated tripping of circuit breakers and to eliminate the need for a tangled web of extension cords).

“Thank you for fixing everything so quickly. I really appreciate everything you did. If you don't mind I will need some things done in the house I bought in R.........e and as soon as the house in S......a sells. I would like to call you to repair and install some lights for me in the house I am living in. Thank you again” - Jeannette (we repaired a number of punch list items such as adding GFCIs and replacing smoke alarms to get a house ready for sale).

“Thanks Fred. And yes, everything works great. We're all very pleased. I'm hoping some of my friends do some remodeling soon so I can recommend you” - Dale (we installed new wiring for a bathroom remodeling project).

“Hey Fred, I went over to my parents today to get the pond going again. Everything looks really good and my parents are really satisfied. Thanks for all the work. I'll let you know if they need any more work done” - Art (we installed a new circuit and outdoor outlets and repaired the wiring for a sewage pump).

“Thanks for the excellent job. Had no doubt that the job would pass inspection. I know I'm going to need more electric work done on the home. I'll stay in contact” - Shawn (we replaced an old fuse box with a new circuit breaker panelboard).

“It was great to meet you today, and thank you for the good job! Hope to see you when I need an electrician again!” - Nancy (we repaired a 240-volt circuit used for air conditioning in an old farmhouse.  It was only supplying 120 volts because of incorrect wiring).




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