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Electrical Services

When it comes to pricing electrical work, years of experience have taught us that one size doesn’t fit all.  Therefore, depending on the nature of your job, it may be priced (quoted) in one or more of the following ways.

Fixed price (flat rate)

  • Set price for defined work
  • The customer pays this price regardless of whether the job takes more or less time than anticipated.

Not-to-exceed price

  • Guaranteed maximum price for defined work
  • Actual bill may be lower if the job takes less time and/or fewer materials than anticipated.
  • In no case will the cost exceed this price.

Time and materials

    Time and materials pricing is typically used when one or both of the following conditions exist

    • The scope of the job is not fully defined before the work is started
    • There are unknown conditions that may effect completion of the work such as hidden pipes or structural members

    Labor Rates

    • Service call $84.00 (one technician, includes up to one hour labor)
    • Additional time $68.00/man-hour (billed at $17.00/15 minute increment)
    • We do not charge for travel time to and from parts suppliers.


    • Parts and supplies are sold at competitive rates.  We can usually offer a discount versus the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

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