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  1. Does eWire allow customers to purchase their own materials?
  2. Yes, we are willing to install materials provided by our customers.  However, we do not recommend this practice because we are not able to warranty customer-provided equipment and supplies.  For example, if eWire installs a ceiling fan that we provide and it is defective, we will remove the defective unit, obtain a new unit, and install it at no charge.  If that same defective unit was provided by the customer, we would have to charge for removal and installation of the replacement unit.

  3. Does eWire provide free estimates for electrical work and alarm systems?
  4. Yes, we are happy to provide free estimates for any of our services.  In most cases, we will need to come to your residence or place of business to provide an accurate estimate.

  5. Can you provide references?
  6. Yes, we are more than happy to provide references.  We can almost always provide you with the name of one or more customers who had work done that is very similar to the work you are considering.

  7. What is eWire’s policy regarding electrical permits and inspections?
  8. For your protection and ours, eWire’s policy is to comply with all local and state regulations governing electrical work.  We obtain permits for all work involving major additions and/or modifications as well as service changes and upgrades.  Electrical inspections benefit customers by providing independent verification that work was performed to code.  We have an excellent relationship with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County electrical inspectors and consider them to be an extension of our team.   If you choose eWire to do your work,  the cost of having your job inspected is the cost of the permit itself (we charge exactly what we pay)

  9. I heard that some electric companies are adding a fuel surcharge to service calls due to the high cost of gas.  Does eWire have a fuel surcharge?
  10. No, eWire does not have a separate fuel surcharge.  The cost of traveling to and from your home or place of business, as well as the first 60 minutes of labor is included in our basic charge for a service call ($84).

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