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 Electrical Safety Inspections

Is the electrical wiring and equipment in your home or business safe?  Are all the protective devices such as GFCIs and AFCIs working properly?  Is the electric service properly grounded?  Are there loose connections in junction boxes or at switches or receptacles?  Do you have overloaded circuits that are prone to overheating?  eWire can help answer these questions and bring you peace of mind by inspecting the electrical system in your home or business.  We have state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise needed to help answer these questions and more.  Call us today for more information.

Circuit Mapping Service

We are pleased to announce a new service referred to as circuit mapping.  The goal of this service is to document all the outlets, lights, appliances, and other electrical equipment connected to each circuit in your home or business.  This is this useful and important for several reasons.  First, the labeling on most panels provides little detail and is often out-of-date due to additions and changes that have occurred over time.  This makes it difficult to identify which circuit breakers need to be turned off to safely work on electrical equipment.  It can also thwart your efforts to restore power to an outlet or light when a breaker trips.  Second, circuit mapping provides key information for identifying the extent to which existing circuits are loaded.  Circuits that are overloaded are more likely to overheat and should be split (into multiple circuits).  Conversely, other circuits may be identified as having few outlets or lights connected which means they may be safely extended if needed.  eWire has specialized equipment that virtually eliminates the need to flip breakers on and off to determine what they are connected to.  When we map your circuits with this equipment there is no need to reset clocks, reprogram appliances, and turn off sensitive electronic equipment such as computers.  Give us a call to learn more if you think you might be interested in this service.

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